TOP-3 reasons to open a SPA in a hotel

1.    Significant competitive advantage 
Just one concept cabinet for face and body care with an atmospheric relaxation zone can make the SPA very attractive for potential hotel guests and popular with regulars. Is it worth talking about those great benefits if you open a SPA resort?
2.    Increasing the profitability and profitability of the hotel
 If we are talking about a hotel, then the presence of even a small modern integrative MEDICAL SPA with course and long-term treatment, spa and wellness programs will minimize the difference in income between the “low” and “high” seasons, even out and increase the hotel load. Any well-organized SPA generates good revenue. The average spa revenue per guest in some hotels approaches the value of revenue per guest (Rev Pac), indicating a high proportion of spa revenue.
 3. The popularity of a healthy lifestyle
A conscious attitude to the value of life and its quality has become global. More and more people understand that the health of the body and soul is the foundation and guarantee of a prosperous life and business success. After the recent pandemic, the bowl of absolutely healthy hobbies on the scale of choosing a way to spend free time significantly outweighs others. According to the forecasts of the Global Wellness Institute, it will only grow in the coming years. 
SPA in the hotel is a nice bonus for guests and a definite plus for the hotel itself.
However, it should be remembered that the organization of a SPA in a hotel, especially a MEDICAL SPA and SPA resort, is a very responsible process, in which every mistake made necessarily reduces profits. 
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