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Concept Development

Our development concept focuses on creating a unique and captivating idea for your enterprise, along with defining its specialization and main service directions.

We pay close attention to the location, taking into account historical facts and natural resources to craft an attractive and distinctive product that showcases the unique local features. This approach is particularly crucial for spa and wellness resorts, sanatoriums, medical spas, and country hotels.

Our services:
  • Marketing analysis of the territory.
  • Definition of main directions and specialization: We work with you to define the primary directions and specialization of your enterprise, such as medical-SPA treatment units, fitness facilities, bath complexes, and more.
  • Enlarged list of services: We help expand and diversify your list of services, ensuring a comprehensive range of offerings that align with your chosen directions and cater to the needs and preferences of your target clientele.
  • Description of spa technologies and their impact.
  • Space allocation and flow management: We assist in designing the layout of your premises, calculating the areas for each zone, and defining the maximum number of concurrent visitors and their expected duration of stay
  • Architectural and planning solutions.
  • Conceptual visualization.
  • Photo selection of key areas.
Concept Development

Investment budget and Business plan

More than 20 years of practical (not theoretical) experience at all stages of creating SPA, Wellness and Medical projects. From concept development and project planning to construction, operation, and management, our expertise allows us to create truly effective and functional business models.
We conduct detailed studies of the activities of your future enterprise, meticulously assessing costs and expected results. Our focus extends to evaluating the efficiency of facility utilization and determining the payback period of investments. Whether you require guidance for a new facility or seek to revitalize an existing one through reconstruction or business restart, our expert experience enables us to adapt and optimize the business model to fit your architectural volumes. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that arise in the SPA, Wellness, and Medical industry, and our goal is to provide you with a tailored and effective business strategy that maximizes your investment returns.

List of projects

1. Feasibility study and project evaluation.

  • Investment budget: integrated calculation of the investment package (project implementation)
  • Calculation of the revenue part in the process of operation
  • Operating cost forecast
  • Rates of return
  • Profit forecast and payback periods
  • Price forecast for indicators
  • Calculation (enlarged)
  • Download forecast

2. Business plan

Investment budget and Business plan

The interior design created by our architects disposes the guest to a comfortable pastime, always takes into account the characteristics of the target audience and the technology for performing procedures.
The interior project reflects the latest fashion trends, while remaining unique to the smallest detail, inimitable in every element.
We provide not only conceptual development, but also support the object, from the author’s idea to its commissioning.



A correct concept for a SPA, Wellness, and Medical project prioritizes functionality, convenience, and maximizing the profitability of every square meter.
We will offer the optimal area of ​​the future enterprise, taking into account the needs of future guests, as well as take into account all the design and technical features of the building.
When creating an architectural concept, we take into account not only the latest global industry trends and standards,
but also apply Vastu (Feng Shui) design principles, if necessary.

Planning of aquathermal complexes


Planning of Medical Spa clinics


Planning of SPA complexes


Planning of Wellness complexes


SPA, Wellness and Medical technology project, being a service provider, requires a very careful study final product. In order for your guests to appreciate the service and quality, we offer the service of creating a business technology.

What does business technology include?

1. Development of a unique service menu
2. Selection of equipment and expendable materials that will meet the latest industry trends and form a unique product offer that will attract customers.
3. Detailing business relationships with suppliers of cosmetics and consumables. Drawing up a package of supply contracts, specifications for professional products and retail cosmetic products for home care.
We can also offer exclusive equipment for the facility and select global supplier companies.
4. Development of methods, technological maps for services in accordance with the specifics of the industry
5. Drawing up programs and combined protocols to obtain the best results and increase sales.
6. Calculation of the cost of services, taking into account the price level of competitors.
7. Calculation of marginal profit. Justification of the proposed menu with price information by profitability indicators
8. Schematic description of the organizational structure of SPA & Wellness with integration into the structure of the main enterprise. Construction of the scheme and the description of business communications between services.
9. Determining the need for staff. Drawing up a staffing table and writing functional duties. Determination of basic qualification requirements for personnel, selection of forms and systems of remuneration. Development of a wage system and the initial formation of a payroll.
10. Recommendations and assistance in recruitment.
11. Development of personnel training programs

The technology


We control the supply and take into account all the nuances in the execution of supply contracts. What is important is that we can significantly reduce the cost of equipment, due to exclusive partnership agreements.

One of the most important components of success is the competent equipment of the enterprise. Thanks to our partnerships with more than 50 global manufacturers and their representatives in Russia, knowledge of technical, technological and operational characteristics help choose equipment that help provide services that meet even the most demanding customers, as well as optimizing investment budget.



We do everything to ensure that the engineering systems and technical parameters of your SPA, Wellness and Medical project correspond to the goals and objectives, and most importantly ensure a comfortable stay for the guest. Thanks to practical experience in the operation of facilities, our experts will help to avoid design errors, reduce construction costs, do everything to ensure that the future facility meets not only current regulations and state standards, but is also practical in operation.

The need for expert support lies primarily in the specifics of the business. Architects and designers do not have comprehensive knowledge of the technology of procedures and the smallest features in operation. For this reason, even a properly designed facility, in terms of standards, may be completely unsuitable for providing services, and will not be able to generate the necessary financial flows.

We carry out a full cycle of work on the project from the idea of ​​​​creation to management.
An integrated approach allows to achieve the highest possible result, in a short period of time and investment. The main thing is to avoid serious mistakes that can lead to big losses.

However, if the design is carried out by contractors / specialists of the Customer’s company, we recommend using the expert support service. We will develop technological tasks and technical specifications for the design of a SPA & Medical center for your contractors. As a result, you will receive a project that complies with the features of the functioning and maintenance of technological equipment for the production of services, the requirements for lighting, ventilation, sound insulation and the microclimate of the premises. At the same time, the area will be calculated based on the necessary parameters based on the attendance of the facility and will take into account the operational features and requirements of a medical license (cleaning and disinfection, storage of supplies, etc.)


Startup and management

In order to open a profitable and stable business, you no longer need to have expert knowledge. We undertake the solution of all tasks related to the launch and operation of the facility.
A pre-made team of experts with experience in launching more than 20 largest facilities in Russia and the CIS countries. A well-established mechanism of work, a large pool of proven contractors in various fields of activity will allow you to launch and debug the business in the shortest possible time.
Finding and hiring employees, training and adaptation, grinding the team together – you no longer need to take risks and lose money on staff salaries, because we guarantee results and take care of everything.
As a result, you will get a running business, well-established business processes, trained personnel who are fully ready for work.

100% of our customers recommend us as professional and responsible business partners. After the Startup (launch) of the facility, the management company (operator) I-FEEL SPA INTERNATIONAL is ready to take over the operational management of the facility. The management company is perfect for those entrepreneurs who are not ready to devote a lot of time to business, but want to receive a guaranteed financial result.

The terms of cooperation are individual and depend on the location, area of ​​​​the premises and the results of negotiations with investors (owners).

Trusting professionals and thereby minimizing entrepreneurial risk is an excellent solution for those who want to earn a steady income, and not fill managerial “bumps”

What areas does a startup include?

1. Development of business technology
2. Search and recruitment of personnel
3. Marketing from creating a brand book to promoting a finished product.
4. Legal support for the preparation of packages of documents for licensing, SES, personnel records management and other permits
5. Consultations in finance and accountanting
6. Staff training
7. Zero cycle: start-up team work at the facility from 3 months.
8. Launching and debugging automation systems
9. Control checks and certification of personnel

Startup and management