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For your business to be successful

Conceptual approach, professionalism, a high level of expert client-oriented approach are the foundation for a successful and profitable enterprises. It depends on the level of your knowledge and the competence of your employees whether the client will stay in your spa or go to competitors.


In today’s intensive development of the spa industry, a modern and qualified approach, a creative concept, capable of following not only the frantic pace of progress, but also the high requirements of the client, is required. In order for your business to work 100%, I-FEEL SPA INTERNATIONAL provides professional training. We are international market experts with over 20 years of practical experience, so each course is not out of touch with reality. We share real accumulated experience and knowledge in order for the spa industry to develop, and the offer to become more high-quality and modern.

“We are practitioners, not theorists!”
“We are practitioners, not theorists!”

(03) In training you will learn

  • Open or operate a beauty business that will generate profit
  • Manage a business
  • Increase income
  • Open a new direction
  • Needed for development
  • Helps to earn
  • Makes advertising effective
  • Is the most unique on the market at the moment
  • Make to be successful
  • Clients are not returning
  • Low profitability
  • Getting to the top is real
  • Business is not profitable

We guarantee the commercial success of our partners

(04) Training topics

SPA as a business. Stages of its creation and design

Technological spa project and equipment selection

Economics of a spa center

Personnel decides everything

SPA internal document flow

Advertising campaigns

Setting up a sales system in a spa and wellness center

Client types

How to sell SPA in hotels and fitness clubs

(05) Upcoming events

“Success of Medical SPA from the first steps”

“Success of Medical SPA from the first steps”

Medical Spa as a business and the main stages of its creation