SPA interior

“Design always comes from an idea. Thus, design is an idea dressed in a form. Ideas are fleeting, and in order for us to use them, they need to be given a physical form. A successful design is one that manages to encapsulate the idea that inspired him…”

Emmanuel Dietrish, French living in Germany

As you know, SPA is a place designed primarily for rest, relaxation, restoration of energy, mental and physical strength. And the influence of the interior and design elements in solving this problem acquires a significant role. Getting into the SPA, from the first steps, each guest should feel the melodic harmonizing atmosphere and the enveloping energy aura of this place, leaving all their problems, fatigue and anxieties of the day behind the threshold.
In order to achieve such an effect, it is important to switch the guest’s attention, i.e., in other words, the guest must plunge into a completely different world of light, color, smells and sensations, another dimension. Everything that our guest sees, hears, feels should contribute to his pacification: pastel colors in the interior, soft flowing light, burning candles, muffled voices and steps, quiet serene music, aromas and incense …

The location of the premises in the SPA should also help relieve emotional and physical stress. The guest should smoothly “flow” from the dressing room to the recreation and relaxation area, treatment room, thermal or aqua zones, etc., without encountering obstacles, and preferably with minimal contact with the service staff and other guests.

It is very important that the layout of the cabinets and their organization are distinguished by the highest degree of technological sophistication in order to contribute to the maximum reduction of unwanted noise. Silence or light calm music is one of the important conditions for a good rest of the guest. A spa guest should not be annoyed by excessively bright walls, excessive contrasts, uncomfortable furniture, etc. First of all, the guest should be comfortable, and then he will want to spend not only a few hours in the SPA, but also come back again and again and become a loyal client.


Work on a design project should begin immediately after the definition of the SPA concept. Then the design will support the main idea as much as possible, reflect the idea and create competitive advantages for the new SPA. At least, at the time of the start of construction of a new facility, the SPA concept, all working drawings, necessary documentation and government approvals should already be carefully worked out and fully prepared. Referring to the experience of a consulting company that has created at least 50 different SPA & Wellness projects is the best solution for developing a design project. Art consultants, together with business experts, will suggest what techniques will best influence the mood of guests, how to direct lighting scenarios in different areas, what style will creatively “tell” the SPA idea. Moreover, in the modern conditions, design functions are no longer limited to a creative game with space, color and light. Design becomes a tool for conveying a certain informational message to people, an expression of SPA ideas, a kind of “message” filled with meanings.


When developing a SPA design project, you must first of all take into account that SPA, MEDICAL SPA and Wellness is not a hairdressing salon, not a medical center and not a restaurant. Therefore, the interior design cannot be an abundance of dark colors, an excess of gold and a “plush” texture of fabrics inherent in many trendy restaurants. However, you should also avoid the opposite pole – the asceticism of medical centers. The whole concept of planning decisions, style and interior design should be aimed at the softness of lines, the muted colors, the naturalness of fabrics, the dosed use of wood, stone and other natural materials.
The interior may contain art objects, objects of contemporary art,stylized furniture, non-standard decor elements.Style is definitely dictated by the concept, nature and direction of services. In this case, the choice of style is limited only by the creative possibilities of the designer, the desire the owner of the SPA and the amount of investment.
But no matter what style is chosen, the main rule is that the guest should rejoice and
enjoy aesthetics in a calm and comfortable environment.

The main requirements for the design and interiors of the SPA, which were formulated by our company’s experts

Design should be:
• working on the main idea of the concept and useful in terms of marketing
• efficient use of space
• holistic and constructive, not overloaded with unnecessary details
• functional for customers and service personnel
• Practical in operation, reducing operating costs
• having the potential for possible technological change
• environmentally friendly in all respects
• safe in all respects: fire-fighting, hygienic,epidemiological etc
• purposefully stimulating specific emotions in a specific guest
• emotionally charged
• extraordinary and unlike hundreds of other SPAs, at least in detail
• economically reasonable and expedient

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