Personalized approach in the SPA&Wellness industry: recommendations for spa managers

In the whole Universe there will never be two identical snowflakes, and there are no two identical people in the world. We are all different, unique and exceptional. We differ in many things: the color of our eyes, the shape of our nose, and more so in the functional structure of our brain, upbringing, life experience, and therefore, in the character and reactions to any kind of event. Someone loves manual massages, and some categorically do not accept being touched by a stranger, someone prefers radical anti-wrinkle injections, and some do not even agree to harmless mesotherapy for all the riches of this world.

Recognition of this fact forms the basis of a personalized approach, which has become an indisputable trend in all areas of human activity in the 21st century, which has become especially pronounced with the development of artificial intelligence.

What is a personalized approach in the SPA&Wellness industry?

If you think that we are talking about calling each client by name when they visit the SPA, then you are, of course, right. But that’s not all.

Customer service based on a personalized approach means much more. Personalization of customer service is the treatment of customers as individuals, fully considering their unique features of appearance, character, behavior and preferences. This means the ability of your Health, SPA, Medical SPA or “customize” services and services to a particular client in such a way as to fully meet his/her needs, but also exceed his/her most delightful emotional expectations. And for this, your company needs to use its full potential – rich material and technical resources, various technologies and innovations, communicative, empathic and intellectual capital of its employees.

If you use customer service personalization correctly, your customers will be grateful and will be able to appreciate your efforts with great reviews and lasting loyalty to your business.Furthermore, over 80% of people, as research shows, are willing to pay much more for a quality service, taking into account their individual characteristics!

Let’s see what you can do to develop a personalized service in your Health, SPA&Wellness, Medical&Hospitality project.


  1.             Appreciate, respect and truly be interested in your customers!

Recognize clients as amazingly interesting personalities, special people with a rich set of individual traits, and not as a faceless “purse with legs” that ended up in your SPA & Wellness center solely to part with money.

  •               Get to know all the features of your customers. Knowledge of the client base is the basis of a successful business in the beauty and health industry, especially the SPA & Wellness business. Collect customer information in any legal way. There are enough methods to do so: conduct surveys, study his/her interests and hobbies in social networks, and just talk to the client as an attractive and extraordinary person!
  •               You should know everything about the client – what kind of tea he/she drinks, what kind of coffee he/she prefers in the morning, what is their pets name, if they like it cold or warm, what kind of music inspires them, and so on. Then you are fully prepared for your guests visit and surprise them – turn on the air conditioner instead of the heater in time, serve lime water instead of coffee, replace the musical composition in the spa therapy room.
  •               Collect reviews. Feedback is invaluable – it allows you to find out what you are doing “excellently” and what your actions cause dissatisfaction, see your strengths and weaknesses “through the eyes of customers”, use positive feedback to promote health, medical, spa and wellness services.
  •               Teach your staff to record all important information about the preferences of all clients of your SPA & Wellness center, their feedback and comments in the CRM program.

Of course, it is important to fill in all personal data, which includes: name, birthday, contacts, place of residence. If you have an option on your site to collect customer data, then you will also be able to know the user ID, IP address, preferred communication channels and links to the customer’s social networks to organize the distribution of personal offers.

  •               When receiving any information about customers, you must always remember that personal data must be reliably protected from leaks into unauthorized hands.

Strict requirements are imposed on the protection of personal data in Health, Medical&Hospitality, Medical SPA centers and resorts. Any information containing information about human health requires serious protection. Only those medical personnel who carry out diagnostics, monitoring, spa-services and health-procedures of the client have access to it.


  •               Carefully keep a history of visits by the client to your SPA&Wellness. If a client goes to a new specialist, make sure that the newcomer has full access to the history of this client. Then the client will not have to once again talk about his/her problems, retell the medical history and the entire list of procedures that were performed. A new specialist will be able to form a procedural plan even before the start of the procedure without any questions. To do this, it is necessary to provide each workplace with a computer or tablet with access to the CRM program.
  1.             Actively use technology for a personalized service.


Maintain ongoing data collection.In order to overtake competitors, and to retain customers and survive, move on and personalize the site.


According to internet marketers Evergage website personalization increases conversion by 58%, increases time spent on the site by 40%, increases sales by 39%, customer retention by 17%. And these trends will only grow.


  •               First, make the site accessible and user friendly. There should be no barriers to instant responses to questions or online appointments for treatments.
  •               Second, offer personal discounts, special offers or bonuses. certain segments of visitors when you open the first page of the site or enter your personal account.

To get quantitative data and analyze it, activate special CRM options with integration with your official website, social networks, chat bots and mobile applications. At any time and from anywhere in the world, you will be able to receive complete data: the dates and amounts of visits, the composition of the spa & wellness services provided, conversion rates, the number of transactions, the average check, the frequency of opening letters or messages, and other quantitative data.

In addition, you will be able to track the problems that your client faces, which reduce trust in your Health, SPA & Wellness, Medical SPA center, and vice versa, what services, services and specialists motivate him to visit you regularly, preferred communication channels, etc. . By combining all the information, you can get a personal portrait of any client and a general portrait of the target audience.

By differentiating the data according to the criteria you set, you can group people to get an even more detailed view of your customers.

You can group data by countless criteria – age, income, education, marital status, hobbies, professional interests, location, and so on.

All this will help to identify the motivations of your customers and choose a personal approach to each of them and make an individual offer that you cannot refuse.


  1.             Take personalization to the next level and strive for the highest level of aerobatics. You should start communicating with clients not only when they come to you for spa treatments. Segment, make trigger mailings depending on user behavior on the site, collect data about your customers. Send them interesting emails or engaging messages with a personalized offer based on their history of spa visits or cosmetics purchases in your SPA store. Write in an informal style, call the client by their first name, style them in their favorite colors, include emojis, and include helpful tips or motivational short stories. Help them achieve better health and well-being with your help, give them a good mood more often!


  1.             Establish personal relationships with your most important clients. As a manager of the SPA&Wellness center, personally congratulate them on their birthday, invite them to an informal conversation over a cup of fresh tea, offer new items on individual terms and try to personally help them choose the best spa or wellness program for their recovery. Become a trusted partner for them.


These simple actions will take customer relationships to a new level of development, increase customer loyalty and will certainly lead your Health, SPA&Wellness, Medical&Hospitality business to a grand success.



Invest in thoughtful, high-quality personal service strategies in SPA&Wellness!