Functional zoning SPA or Medical SPA.

Functional zoning SPA or Medical SPA.

 Basic principles

  1. The reception should be located equidistant from the main elements of the SPA center. The reception is a multifunctional communication center and its location should be convenient for everyone.
  2. It is necessary to separate client flows in accordance with the purpose of the stay. The layout should support routing algorithms, and navigation should be intuitive for new customers.
  3. Plan the territorial division and grouping of offices of the same functional purpose, the separation of “wet” and “dry” zones, the isolation or allocation of a beauty zone.
  4. It is advisable to place waiting, rest and relaxation zones in each “thematic” part of the SPA, create individual and group rest areas.
  5. The entrance of clients to the “wet” zone, including the thermal complex and the pool, must be carried out only through changing rooms with showers. This contributes to hygienic safety in the SPA.
  1. The location of the cabinets should be as conducive as possible to muffling unwanted noise.
  2. The territorial location of offices, their sequence should correspond to the logic of providing comprehensive services, and form the logic of client flows.
  3. The internal arrangement of furniture and equipment should be comfortable and ergonomic, as well as reflect the logic and sequence of SPA services.
  4. Compliance with the rules and regulations of regulatory government bodies.

First of all, it is important to remember about safety. Strict compliance with fire, anti-epidemic standards is a priority.

Functional zoning is always based on a unique SPA concept, so each project has a unique spatial structure.


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