Top Priorities for Spa & Wellness Leaders in 2023

January 26, 2023 was the Grow Well webinar, organized by well-known industry company We
Work Well.

Member of the W3Spa group, organized by an American business management coach SPA-
salons and an active speaker of world-class SPA events Lisa Starr, were included:
• Emlyn Brown is Accor’s Global Vice President of Wellbeing.
• Kent Richards is Director of Corporate Operations at Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas.
• Sarah Codner is Senior Director of SPA&Wellness at Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group.

Great attention was paid to the main topic of discussion -communicating with guests and clients
SPA&Wellness. The speakers were united in the opinion that in 2023 it is necessary to create
new conditions not only to attract guests to SPA salons and Wellness centers, but also to look for
ways that guarantee the return of customers again and again. So, for example, Sarah Kodner
believes that guests need to pay much more attention and to this end, the Mandarin Oriental spa
menu only offers treatments lasting at least 90 minutes, even for a 60-minute massage. With this
approach, spa therapists have enough time to establish a closer emotional relationship with the
client, better understand their needs and offer new services and provide better service.
The same attention should be paid to the staff of the SPA. This is exactly what Sarah Codner
called for – to show a sensitive, attentive, and respectful attitude towards employees, to establish
trusting emotional ties with each specialist of the SPA & Wellness enterprise.

Creative and creative approach – another topic, during the discussion of which, the experts
came to the conclusion that the introduction of promising technologies of preventive medicine in
SPA & Wellness, such as biohacking, space optimization for new contactless technologies, is the
way to increase income, despite the worldwide shortage of highly qualified personnel. To
implement these ideas, establishing contractual partnerships with third parties is an excellent

“Well proven collaboration is the future of brands,” said Emlyn Brown. – You can strengthen your
brand through collaboration – don’t be afraid of it, embrace it. There is nothing to fear.”

We wish you fruitful cooperation with reliable partners in 2023!

Hosted by Grow Well educator and industry figure Lisa Starr, the W3Spa panel included:

• Emlyn Brown – global vice president of wellbeing at Accor.

• Kent Richards – corporate operations director at Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas.

• Sara Codner – senior director of spa and wellness at