The cost-saving solutions for cosmetology clinics, Medical SPA & Wellness projects.

I-FEEL SPA International experts specialize in providing cost-saving solutions for cosmetology clinics, Medical SPA & Wellness projects. They have a track record of developing unique and commercially successful projects. Here are a few examples of their expertise:

The experts at I-FEEL SPA have a deep understanding of where and how to reduce the area of necessary premises or re-plan offices without violating any existing legislation. They identify low-functional areas and eliminate unnecessary spaces, optimizing the layout. By doing so, they increase the commercial usable area ratio, often achieving a ratio as high as 0.8. This significantly enhances the business’s efficiency. In comparison, many projects in the industry have a lower ratio of 0.5-0.65, indicating that a significant portion of the area does not generate any financial return.

By leveraging their expertise, I-FEEL SPA International helps clients maximize their usable space, ensuring that every square foot contributes to the business’s profitability. This optimization ultimately leads to cost savings and improved financial performance.

For example, let’s take a small project in the region:

Previously: The total area of the SPA-center project is 208.8 m2. The total useful area for the provision of services and the sale of goods is 103.7 m2. The coefficient is 0.49. This is before our intervention. Having redesigned the layouts

After the expertise of I-FEEL SPA:
Redesigned existing layouts and supplemented the concept.
· The excessive area of the grand entrance was reduced, creating a more balanced and efficient space. Additionally, a separate room was allocated for the back office.
· The location of the offices was reconfigured, placing them along the walls with windows to maximize natural light.
· The resulting internal space was repurposed to create a recreation area for customers to use after procedures or during breaks. This area is planned to offer a range of additional paid services, including exclusive experiences utilizing VR technologies.
· The area of the dressing room was significantly reduced without compromising customer comfort. Traditional elements were eliminated or streamlined, resulting in a more efficient use of space.
· Most utility rooms were strategically placed in built-in niches or under the stairs, ensuring convenience without violating control and supervisory authorities’ requirements.
· The vacated area allowed for the design of a small procedural hammam and a slim-therapy room.
· Numerous smaller changes and improvements were implemented to enhance the ergonomics and logistics of the project. These modifications contribute to a smoother workflow, improved customer experience, and overall operational efficiency.

Outcome: The total usable area for the provision of services and the sale of goods increased to 151.9 m2 with a coefficient increased to 0.72.

Added as much as 56.9 m2. This means that the owner not only saves 130 thousand rubles a month, giving away 2.3 thousand / m2 every month, he will earn at least 800 thousand rubles on these commercial meters. per month.

Over the years, I-FEEL SPA International has consistently helped partners save significant amounts of money in their projects related to cosmetology clinics, Medical SPA & Wellness. Here are some specific areas where they provide cost-saving solutions:
Instead of purchasing expensive materials and interior elements, we focus on utilizing the magic of color and lighting design scenarios to create a unique and visually appealing interior. This approach can result in significant cost savings while maintaining the desired aesthetic.

The experts at I-FEEL SPA International identify factors, methods, and technologies that can increase the profitability of each square meter. For example, they suggest installing innovative cross-functional platforms that replace multiple devices, thereby expanding the range of in-demand services.
Additionally, offering special course programs for personalized care and additional services can increase revenue by at least 20% without a proportional increase in operating costs.

Efficient programs that give knowledgeable information about affiliate programs and actively utilizes them in their projects. By leveraging strategic partnerships, we help clients save significant budgets on advertising while still generating profits.

Optimizing Workforce and Motivation: I-FEEL SPA International assists in closing “black holes” of empty job positions, reducing lost profits. We also develop optimal motivational schemes for staff to ensure that employees give their best, resulting in increased revenue generation without coercion.

We specialize in launching projects within a short timeframe, typically 2-4 weeks, even from scratch. By efficiently managing the process, they help clients start generating profits at the earliest stages.
I-FEEL SPA International provides strategies to start selling Medical SPA&Wellness services even before the official opening, minimizing the need for borrowed investments. This approach helps clients reduce financial burden and increase early revenue.

By addressing these main points and offering their expertise, I-FEEL SPA International aims to save clients’ budgets and ensure that their projects are commercially successful.

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