The choice of professional equipment for SPA

The choice of professional equipment for a spa, medical spa or wellness center is carried out at the stage of developing a concept and an optimal range of basic spa services. At the same time, factors such as the target groups of consumers of future spa services, their needs, as well as the territorial factor: the location of the future spa, medical spa or wellness center and the size of the area allocated for its implementation are necessarily taken into account. At this stage, it is enough to decide on the type of equipment – for example, whether it will be a detox module, or a standard infrared sauna. The type of equipment used fundamentally affects the planning and engineering solutions of the project. At the stage of architectural design, it is necessary to select a specific, most suitable model of equipment. And at the same time, if such a need arises, to have time to correct the project in a timely and painless manner. It is a mistake to choose production equipment immediately before the opening of a spa, medical spa or wellness center, since modern high-tech equipment requires compliance with special engineering and technical conditions for installation. This can lead to significant financial losses.

The final choice of equipment depends on the following factors:

  • Quality. The equipment must work properly for a long time. Any breakdown is a lost profit and repair costs. It is preferable to buy equipment of well-known brands from reliable suppliers who value their reputation. When buying equipment from leading manufacturers, you overpay to some extent for brand awareness. However, this factor in itself is a guarantee of quality, and when choosing high-tech equipment, you should not save. Often, high-end equipment can significantly reduce operating costs, including the labor costs of specialists and, as a result, the cost of their maintenance.

Cost of equipment. It is determined by the financial capabilities of the investor and the volume of the investment budget. However, the category and level of the SPA, MEDICAL SPA or Wellness center itself should play a role. The higher the class, the more expensive and prestigious the equipment.

  • Functionality. Here you need to find the optimal ratio of useful and additional functions. The priority is the economic feasibility of the equipment, as well as the demand for the range of services for which it is intended. Often, in pursuit of fashion, novelty, prestige, equipment is purchased with a number of redundant additional functions. Some options have no commercial value or indirect benefit in the form of image or prestige. For example, in equipment costing 30 thousand dollars, only 2 options out of five are used, the rest are not used. .In the worst case, the equipment may be idle.
  • Equipment dimensions affect the footprint. Dimensions must be taken into account at the design stage when choosing premises for it.
  • Technical parameters: first of all, this is the consumption of electricity for one production procedure, the consumption of raw materials used, n., water. All of these factors can lead to high operating costs and, as a result, lower profitability of the SPA if the wrong choice of equipment is made
  • Terms of delivery of equipment. Equipment may be in stock or will need to be ordered. As a rule, complex technological and production equipment for a SPA center must be ordered in advance.
  • Warranty service and repair. Most suppliers offer warranty service for the supplied equipment. At the end of the warranty, the equipment may need routine repairs or preventive maintenance. In serious supplier companies, maintenance of foreign high-tech equipment is carried out by engineer-technicians trained and certified by the manufacturer. • Additional services. Suppliers of equipment for SPA, MEDICAL SPA and Wellness must carry out installation, commissioning and training of personnel
  • Training programs for staff. The issue of high-quality training of specialists is important, because complex equipment costs several tens of thousands of dollars. The supplier must qualitatively train specialists in all the nuances of working with the equipment.


The choice of equipment should not be dependent on the opinion of specialists who do not have experience in creating at least one SPA or management. Unfortunately, when choosing equipment, investors and owners of a future SPA, MEDICAL SPA or Wellness center are often guided by the opinion of specialists who do not have a full-scale and holistic view of the SPA concept, the variety of existing equipment on the market, the feasibility of using this or that equipment within a specific project .