DETOX therapy in Medical SPA

DETOX therapy in Medical SPA Medical SPA is an ideal choice for those who understand that the main value of life is not to live to a ripe old age.

The main value is the quality of life. This is a long and active life, devoid of debilitating diseases, decrepitude of a worn body, horrific degradation of the mind, sad withering of emotions. According to scientific data, 20% of diseases have a genetic predisposition, and the remaining 80% are the result of environmental and lifestyle influences. Toxins are everywhere – vehicle exhaust, polluted water, fast food, trans fats, food additives and preservatives, sugar, food containers with lead compounds, aluminum in toothpaste – the list is endless. Until a certain age, the body copes, but the laws of nature are inexorable. At some point, the amount of toxins crosses all acceptable boundaries and “red lines”, gradually attacks the body, and triggers a cascade collapse of all organs and systems. The result of the destructive power of toxins is diverse and impressive – from dull and brittle hair, bags under tired eyes to the triggering of serious diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. The popularity of preventive medicine is not accidental. After long disputes between adherents of different schools of traditional and preventive medicine, the results of the work of preventive doctors and common sense won. The most “advanced” doctors have adopted the detoxification technique as a way to combat toxins. And the SPA industry, immediately picking up this trend, supplemented it with complementary services. Detox in MEDICAL SPA as the basis of beauty and health Today, many European MEDICAL SPA Resorts offer detox therapy services. The main scope of services includes:

Medical Consultations and checks

  • Minerals and Heavy Metals Intoxication Analysis
  • Oxidative Stress Assessment
  • Measurement of Advanced Glycation End Products AGEs
  • Skin Collagen Thickness Assessment
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Laboratory full blood analysis Hydro&Bathing
  • Detoxifying Hammam
  • Infrared sauna sessions
  • Hydro-Aromatherapy Treatments of wellness & holistic
  • Lymphatic drainage massages
  • Lymph drainage sessions
  • Pressotherapy treatments



  • Personal training sessions
  • Daily group classes

Programs may be supplemented by Initial and final consultation with nutritionist, Consultation with an expert in anti-ageing and genetic medicine, revitalizing medicine consultation, derma-aesthetic consultation, featuring the most advanced technology for non-invasive diagnosis, dietary supplements

Detox, detox drinks , healthy group cooking class, etc. On the territory of the Eastern European space, where the foundations of spa treatment are traditionally strong, the organization of detox therapy in MEDICAL SPA is approached on a larger scale, offering a comprehensive list of procedures. Detox therapy programs include mineral waters, mud wraps, various types of hydrotherapy and bath procedures, and hardware methods are often used. In Russia, where detox therapy is the basis of every, without exception, MEDICAL SPA, an even more impressive list of services and procedures is offered, focused on the comprehensive and reliable detoxification of the body. The Russian MEDICAL SPA is based on a symbiosis of the methods of the latest and classical balneology and physiotherapy, endo-ecological rehabilitation, modern personalized dietology, nutrition, macrobiotics, body-oriented psychotherapy, topical biohacking methods based on evidence, etc. infrastructure of sanatoriums, resorts or recreational complexes, a wide range of laboratory tests can also be included, from standard general and biochemical blood tests to a rare analysis of microbial markers by chromatography-mass spectrometry. Positive results of internal and external changes in clients who have completed the course are necessarily confirmed by serious laboratory and instrumental methods

Such a serious approach to the organization of Russian MEDICAL SPA projects and, in particular, the development of the DETOX therapy direction, is highly promoted by the following features:

  • Developed infrastructure of the health resort base, which laid its foundations in the middle of the last century.

The state in the post-war years popularized both medical and sanatorium tourism. In our time, SPA&Wellness of various formats began to be actively opened. All these destinations are traditionally loved and extremely in demand at any time of the year. By the beginning of 2022, the Russian state register of the resort fund included 1,739 registered medical resorts and 473 more were at the registration stage. At least half of them have detox therapy services in their offer. And this is without taking into account SPA&Wellness, located in recreational areas, which also practice some detox therapy services.

  • Powerful research platform in the field of balneology and physiotherapy
  • Strict state control in the field of healthcare, regulating the industry at different levels
  • The requirement of the state to allow only specialists with secondary and higher medical education, specialization and accreditation to work in MEDICAL SPA. The requirement for a medical education also applies to specialists in cosmetology clinics.
  • Finally, an excellent education, outstanding and inventive mind of Russian specialists I-FEEL has also developed its MEDICAL SPA concept, which includes the SPA SLIM & DETOX direction.

The concept is characterized by a unique synergistic combination of ICOONE drainage therapy, DETOX cryotherapy, infrared detox module protocols, osteopathy, exclusive treatment protocols using bandage wraps and other procedures on basis of genetic testing. The composition of each detox program is necessarily personalized to the individual characteristics of clients and is complemented by complimentary spa and wellness services. The result is amazing results in the recovery of clients inspired by renewal and positive.

The future in MEDICAL SPA. It’s already here!