About the idea and its implementation, or Bravo, Italy!

In 2022, a new SPA center Heaven&Hell Sky was opened at the Alpin Panorama Hotel Hubertus

in the Italian South Tyrol.


We, as professionals who have been cooperating closely with Italian partners for a long time, pay

tribute to the conceptually impeccable idea of the project, reflected in all elements of

implementation, including the name, translated as “The Heaven&Hell’s Sky”. Here it is, a

professional understanding of the idea, elevated to art! The building, according to marketers,

“defy the earth’s gravity”, it literally hangs in the air of 15 meters above the ground on two

stylized supporting forms and is a structure turned upside down. Two floors, two levels – an

analogy of Heaven and Hell. The lower you go, the hotter the temperature and the more intimate

the setting is. There are two saunas that are “good as hell for sweating”, a sobering “cold mist”

shower and an ice room, and the “project hero” is an outdoor pool with a full 360-degree view of

everything. On the upper level, more open, there are two hot tubs for relaxation and two

panoramic showers overlooking the picturesque alpine landscape.


If the architectural composition impresses with the originality of design ideas and stylistic

impeccability, then the list of services is very modest. But only at first glance, the layman, the

uninitiated in the subtleties of luxurious minimalism. Thus, it is also a consonant with the idea –

to cut off everything superfluous, to focus on the contemplation of splendor of the Dolomites,

and to reach the state of nirvana in unity with nature. Almost like going to heaven.

By the way, all this finely crafted luxury design allows only 27 people for a one-time stay. Well,

how cannot once again admire the aphorism of the embodiment of the idea?

What do you think about this idea? Would you like to visit such a place? Which floor and level

would you visit first? Would you like to know the whole existence of this almost philosophical

SPA center?